Trainee Testimonials

Johanna Vizcaino


There are two passions in my life, farming and travelling.

My year in Australia has been the best of my life. My hosts on the farm became very good friends of mine; taught me a lot at work and took me and other co-workers to many places around QLD. Couldn´t express how grateful I am with them.

I made so many good friends. One very special was from Japan, my Ikumi san, who I visited in Hokkaido-Japan once I finished my work on the farm. After Japan, I went to Thailand and spent wonderful days as a volunteer in the jungle near Chiang Mai. At present, I´m on my way to Israel, where I will also volunteer.

Worked hard, and now I´m travelling hard as well!

I love what I do and do what I love.

Anna Fitzmaurice

South Africa

It was absolutely amazing to have been given the chance and opportunity to come and work here in Australia, I have learnt so much in the past year about agriculture.

The lessons I have been taught and the memories I have made, have made me even more determined than ever to succeed in the Agricultural industry. Each stepping stone along the way, has been in the right direction, and worth every moment.

Chris Meister


When I was a youth, I always wanted to go working on a farm in Australia. That country with the large crop farms, cool culture and of course, the nice beaches.

My dream came true, thanks to the IRE organization. IRE organized everything for my stay including my visa, insurance and so on.

I stayed on a really good farm with a nice family with them I had a lot of fun. I gone, to help for the harvest-time there, I could do everything, thus I was never bored J Sometimes we had pretty busy, time and was running around, but this was still a good time.

I was learning every day something new, doesn't matter what whether it was some experience with machines, culture or just a few English words. I have always been open to see new things. If I could, I would go again, immediately. That unforgettable time will be always with me. An experience of a lifetime.

Michael Butler

South Africa

'IRE has made my experience in Australia not just one to remember but to cherish and tell others about with Narelle only a phone call away and there to sort out any troubles or problems you enquire and makes sure your parents have nothing to worry about. With IRE coming to Australia has been and will forever be a life changing experience and truly the time of your life!

Philip Fankhauser


3 months on a farm in the Australian wheatbelt.  If I would do the same again?  No - I would stay much longer!   I admit that I was a little bit sceptic  when I started my placement on a farm 40 km out of town. But it didn't take me longer than a couple of days to  realise  that this will  probably  be the best time of my life so far.  My host family was so open minded and pleasant that I just had to feel at home and part of the family from day one.  After good instructions my boss he let me do almost every job on the farm. The first weeks were dominated by cutting, baling and carting hay.  Once the hay was in the shed, the time for the grain harvest had come.  I was allowed to drive my own header and enjoyed a lot of confidence by my boss.  Driving the header through the wide grain spaces into the sunset was just amazing!  This gives you only an impression of my main jobs during the traineeship, but there were many other exciting things to do and learn from.  I can just recommend you to do this experience and to get to know the Australian way of farming and to meet the unique Australian rural population.  I don't regret a second!