We have numerous stations around Australia which are very remote. Many of these properties are run by families who are more than happy to host a trainee and treat them like their own.  Station placements are hard to come by as this is where many of our trainee's want to be placed.

Stations are generally hundreds of thousands of hectares and require a high to medium level of responsibility.

Machinery and equipment most commonly used are feedlots, stock trucks, road trains, telehandlers, front end loaders, graders, bulldozers, utes, 2wd and 4wd motorbikes.

You will be involved in mustering which is generally done by motorbike and helicopter.  We have very few placements that still muster by horseback.  Other duties would include drafting in yards and marking cattle, weaning, branding, dehorning, drenching, checking stock regularly, maintaining fences and checking water points.