If you are interested in bee keeping we can offer some incredible placements dependant on if you would like to be on a large scale beekeeping enterprise in Australia or prefer a smaller family run apiary - we have it all.

Apiaries differ in size with our biggest being 9000 hives producing an average of 300 tonne of honey a year to 800 hives. You will be involved with Queen Bee and honey production.  Some of you may be working with up to 100,000 Queen Bees.  Depending on the season most apiaries move around their hives in forest locations.  Some placements export Queen Bees so you may have the chance to learn about Queen exportation.

Equipment will be different at every place most bee keeping equipment includes honey processing in the factory, extraction plant and hand tools, bobcats, forklifts, utes and trucks.

You will be involved in all areas of honey production, moving hives in the field and at the base, extracting honey, relocating bees, management and maintenance of hives and honey processing.  Trainee's would need to have a medium level of experience and not be allergic to bee stings.