Fruit and Vegetables

Placements are available in bananas, carrots, onions, potatoes, tomatoes and more.  A medium level of responsibility is required for a horticulture/ mechanical trainee.  You can work either in the field or in the packing shed.

Machinery found at some of our placements can consist of a full range of cultivation, planting, fertilising, spraying and harvest machines, electric centre pivots irrigator, various tractors, cherry pickers, backhoes, bobcats, loaders, bull dozers, scrapers, graders, Scarab compost turner, various trucks and trailers and an on farm workshop.

Depending on your experience you can expect a wide range of production activities from handwork to machinery operation, land preparation, seeding, spraying, harvest and some grading in the field.  Field work includes driving harvesters, off road trucks, tractors with various implements and minor maintenance of the machinery.

Packing shed work comprises of driving forklifts, operating various processing machines, conveyors and packaging equipment.