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We know that is a long and indepth form to fill out. We appreciate you taking the time to provide us all information we need.

As a next step - if you could please send us a collection of photos that we can attach to your host application. This will greatly assist us in connecting you with a suitable trainee. As the saying goes - a picture says a thousand words - it's a great way to show the trainees what's in store for them working with you. Here are some suggestions of photos to send:

  • General photos of the property highlighting scenery, crops, animals, facilities etc.
  • Photos of any equipment the trainees might be using (include any large and impressive equipment too).
  • Photos of the accommodation and where the trainees will be staying.
  • Any social and fun elements to the property the trainees can enjoy (pools, billiard tables, motorbikes etc.)
  • Nearby towns, attractions, restaurants, pubs/bars etc.

If you have any question or would like to follow up your application - please do not hesitate to contact us

Thanks again!

The Team at IRE