IRE Program

IRE is a work experience/cultural exchange program.  It was started in 1986, by a group of forward thinking farmers and was run as International Rural Exchange until December, 2011. IRE is now owned and operated by the National Co-ordinator, Narelle Vaughan under the name, IRE Agricultural Worldwide.

The aim of IRE is to provide rural training opportunities for youth coming to Australia.  We work with overseas partners and bring around 250 trainees into our country each year as well as send agricultural trainee’s abroad.

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IRE is supported by a nationwide network of hosts in broad acre farming, dairy, sheep, beef,  horticulture, equine, apiary, agri-mix and farm mechanics.

We strive to promote and encourage opportunities for agriculturally minded people to experience farming the Australian way, with an emphasis on work experience and cultural exchange.

We work to oversee and maintain a network of overseas partners.

We encourage young Australians to undertake overseas work experience and travel as part of life and career preparation.

We aim to provide good host placements, ensuring these are screened, fully informed and able to offer a good work experience for agricultural workers entering Australia.


Are you between the ages of 18 and 30 and want to gain more experience with agriculture in Australia. You could be eligible for a great opportunity and a life changing experience provided by one of our many hosts throughout Australia.

Becoming an IRE Trainee


Do you operate an agricultural or horticultural business and are interested in employing overseas youth? If so, IRE may be mutually beneficial. IRE source and vet trainee’s from around the world and place them on farms throughout Australia.

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