Becoming an IRE Trainee

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IRE strives to help young people achieve an agricultural experience in Australia.   

The Australian farming system provides an amazing learning opportunity for anyone willing to come and experience it.  Farming can be extremely difficult at times with the ever changing seasons therefore we require strong minded trainees that are open to a  new culture and can adapt to Australian life.

You need to be

  • Single and aged between 18 and 30.
  • Have at least one years experience in your  placement choice, have been studying in your chosen field or be from a farming/horticulture background.
  • Be able to understand and communicate in English.
  • Hold a current drivers license and have an international driving permit.
  • Be fit and healthy.
  • Commit to a placement for 3 to 12 months.

What we expect

Our famers expect their workers to be competent, their language to be sufficient and their understanding of rules and regulations to be equally as good.

Most farms in Australia are large scale operations and they are usually family run.  The work you will undertake will vary depending on the seasons, but you will gain insight and  knowledge into how the farm is managed on a daily basis and the techniques involved in running a successful enterprise.  For many of you there will be a huge difference in our style of farming but this is why you chose to come to Australia, to experience something different and learn a range of skills you can take home and this is why your host family chose you.

Host families generally give you a few weeks to get settled in and find your way around the farm after this period you are expected to know what you are doing and what the daily routine is.  You should be able to perform tasks and operations by yourself with little help.   Depending on the enterprise whether it is crops and animals, dairy or horticulture, you will need to be able to show some self-sufficiency so if your host needs to leave the property, he can be comfortable in knowing you are capable of running the daily operations on your own.  You are expected to work in a timely manner and to work within the guidelines that your host family set.


You need to show you can follow instructions, as a result of this your English needs to be good.  If you don't have a good grasp on English, your time here in Australia will not be what you expect for either you or for your host family.  A lack of English puts a huge strain on the host/trainee relationship.  If you are in this category, please re-consider, learn your English language better and then apply to IRE when you are confident in speaking in English.


Please contact us now to find out how you can become an IRE Trainee and live and work in Australia.

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